Office of Compliance

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Welcome to the Office of Compliance

The Office of Compliance supports the University’s commitment to ethical conduct, and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies. We seek to provide oversight for the compliance and regulatory processes across the University Campus and USA Health, and coordinate with and serve as a central resource for the stakeholders of those many processes. The Office of Compliance aims to be accessible to all members of the University community on compliance and ethics issues, including faculty, staff, and students, to help in the understanding of issues, and to facilitate appropriate resolution of substantiated findings.

Additional objectives of the Office of Compliance include:

  • Promote awareness of policies and policy development
  • Promote coordination between the University’s compliance stakeholders
  • Promote consistency across the University in compliance processes
  • Encourage and support ethical behavior and a culture of integrity
  • Establish and maintain a dotted-line reporting structure from University compliance stakeholders